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All About Supersets

 How To Use This Technique For Faster Success 

One of the top techniques that you should consider adding to your workout program to boost the intensity and see faster results is the superset.  Superset training is a slightly more advanced technique, but will bring numerous benefits to your workout session.

First, supersets can help save you time in the gym since you’re going to be pairing two exercises back to back with no time to rest in between, whereas with straight sets you’ll perform one exercise, rest between each set, and then perform the next exercise.

As fitness experts said, for those who need to get in and out of the gym quickly will definitely appreciate this benefit that supersets have to offer.

The second nice thing about superset training is that they’re going to boost the intensity of your workout session, so can help you burn calories faster not only during the session itself, but also in the time period following the session as well.

Performing supersets is a great way to increase your post-exercise calorie burn, so they can definitely help out as far as fat loss goes.

Finally, supersets can also be used to bring up lagging muscle groups that aren’t responding as well and that you need to give a little bit of a push in the right direction.

So all of this said, let’s go over the types of supersets that can be performed so you know how to incorporate these into your workout routine.

Antagonist/Agonistic Supersets

The very first type of superset is the antagonist and agonist superset. This superset is going to have you pairing opposing muscle groups back to back.

So for example, you could work your biceps and then follow that up with a tricep exercise. Or, perhaps you would target your quads and then do an exercise for the hamstrings.

With this type of superset, you’ll be primarily focusing on isolation exercises for the most part so that you can target just the muscle group in question.

This type of superset is great for increasing the blood flow to the region you’re targeting as well, so will work especially good if you’re looking to develop a strong muscle pump response.

Compound Supersets

Moving along, the next type of superset is the compound superset. This superset is going to be where you pair together two compound movements, typically an upper body movement with a lower body movement.

So for instance, you might perform a chest press followed by a squat, or perform a bent over row followed by a deadlift.

This allows the upper body to rest while the lower body works and vice versa, so can help to reduce the total whole body fatigue that you’re experiencing while still allowing you to move through the workout in a much faster pace than normal.

Since you are utilizing compound exercises with this type of superset, you’re also going to get a very good metabolic response from them, burning up far more calories than you normally would not only during the session but after as well.

Compound supersets are the best protocol to use if fat loss is your main priority.

Just do keep in mind that since you are doing two incredibly intense exercises, you may need to take a little more rest time between them to accommodate.

Pre-Fatigue Supersets

Pre-fatigue supersets are a type of training that’s often utilized when you do have one particular muscle group that isn’t responding as you’d like it to and want to boost its overall strength level.

For instance, if you can’t seem to get your bench press up any higher than it is, you might turn to pre-fatigue supersets to help out.

With pre-fatigue supersets, you’re going to be performing an isolation exercise for the helper muscle group that is going to assist in the main movement pattern.

So for example, if you’re aiming to increase your bench press strength level, this would mean targeting the triceps in isolation.  In doing so, you’re going to tire them out so that they don’t assist at all when performing the main bench press movement, ensuring that you are just using the chest muscles to help you execute the lift.

The end result is these muscles work harder and in time, you see greater progress.

Pre-fatigue supersets can get dangerous however if you aren’t using a spotter on your main lift, so keep that in mind as well. Having that spotter there will ensure that you are using good form at all times and that you aren’t going to be at risk for dropping the weight on yourself.

Same Part Supersets

Finally, the last type of superset that you might include in your training regime is the same part superset. With this type of training, you’re going to be targeting the exact same muscle group with two different exercises.

So for instance, you might perform a bicep curl and then perform a hammer curl immediately after.

Or, you might do a bench press and then drop down and do some push-ups as well.  By working the same muscle group, you’ll reach a higher level of fatigue than you would if you were just doing straight sets, but you’ll still get that workout variability in there that can help you push the barrier on your strength level.

This is important to keep the muscles responding and make sure that you see continued results.

So there you have the main points to keep in mind and remember at all times when adding superset training to your workout regime. You definitely don’t want to use all of these methods of supersets at once, but by adding one or two into the course of your workout week, you can definitely take a step forward and enhance the results that you’re seeing that little bit further.

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